Foldes Consulting LLC is client-focused and will work with you in different ways to meet your business needs:


Dr. Foldes presents a financial analysis of health plan prevention efforts at an AcademyHealth conference.

Conduct independent, unbiased and confidential evaluations of your products and services:

  • Work with you to demonstrate the value of your products or services, using process and outcome measures and quantitative and qualitative data, as appropriate.

Consult with and assist your team on data analysis and reporting:

  • Consult with your leadership team to develop a vision for analytics and reporting that takes full advantage of your data assets, and to implement effective population management and cost containment strategies.
  • Consult with or lead your analysts to develop data analytics as a strategic competency.  This may include designing new reports from data analyses that leverage sophisticated tools such as predictive modeling, in order to
  • Understand and predict healthcare risk at the population and individual level
  • Identify and assess cost drivers and trends
  • Identify cost and quality improvement opportunities for care coordination and disease management
  • Understand treatment variability and provider performance against guidelines or benchmarks
  • Develop the information strategy to transform health care delivery to an ACO model by analyzing patterns of care across multiple provider groups, assessing performance against standards, engaging clinicians in improvement processes, and reporting on the clinical and financial outcomes of care.

Analyze your data and report to you:

  • Analyze your de-identified historical health care claims and other available data from a patient and/or provider perspective in order to identify current opportunities to improve the quality and efficiency of clinical and business processes and performance.  When handling your data Foldes Consulting will observe all appropriate privacy protections.

Provide specific research services to advance your goals:

  • Develop effective strategies to collect needed data on patients, services or products, including developing scientifically sound survey and assessment tools.
  • Conduct and report focused literature reviews to help you develop your products and services.
  • Help your organization work effectively and sensitively with diverse communities to conduct research and evaluation, using culturally appropriate methods.

Depending on client requirements, Foldes Consulting deliverables will appear as:

  • Reports that change behavior and help contain costs
  • White papers that are well-researched and clearly written
  • Presentations that communicate effectively
  • Publications that are professional and persuasive
  • Recommendations that are evidence-based
  • External evaluations that are focused and demonstrate value