Data analytics, prevention and evaluation research for health services organizations.

Foldes Consulting LLC, a national consulting practice based in Minneapolis, helps clinical and business leaders in health care use their data to answer their business questions, support prevention and disease management efforts, and to gather, analyze and communicate information on the outcomes and cost-effectiveness of their products and services.

Foldes Consulting LLC will help you to:

Contain costs and enhance your understanding:

  • Transform medical and pharmacy claims, EMR or program data into actionable information to better understand patient populations and provider performance, improve operations, identify inefficiencies and contain costs.

Evaluate your products and services:

  • Design, conduct, analyze, publish and communicate independent, scientifically valid and reliable evaluations of services or products to convincingly demonstrate their value and their return on investment.

Expand your analytic capabilities:

  • Identify the best candidates for disease management by leveraging your medical and pharmacy claims data with risk adjustment, predictive modeling, episodes of care and other sophisticated analytical techniques.

Focus on prevention:

  • Analyze your population to identify prevention opportunities, develop and implement assessment instruments to understand population and individual health risk behaviors, design effective and culturally appropriate interventions, evaluate results and measure ROI.

Improve your products and services:

  • Systematically review and apply the research evidence relevant to your products or services to strengthen their design and avoid pitfalls.

Capitalize on reform opportunities under the Affordable Care Act:

  • Develop the information infrastructure to support an Accountable Care Organization or Integrated Delivery Network by achieving “meaningful use” of EHR, implementing evidence-based best practices for patient-centered care, measuring and reporting provider effectiveness to improve practice patterns, and reaching compliance with federal mandates for integrated care.

Advance your policy initiatives:

  • Produce persuasive and timely evidence to support policy initiatives.